Karanfil/Carnation 2021

performance film
46 minutes

photos: ©Melanie Mathieu

September 7 to 12 from the National Arts Centre via #DanceForth

“To perform yourself inside a role is very strange.  The clothes, the words, prod you into nameless areas and then you stretch them out in front of other people...”    —Chris Kraus, I Love Dick

Laura Taler brings us on a site-specific cinematic journey through the National Arts Centre’s theatrical underworld where the art of crafting private dreams is made public. While conjuring a ninety-nine-year-old photo of Bronislava Nijinska, Taler poses a series of questions about performance, the fallibility and concreteness of language, and the practice of turning the self inside out.  Featuring musical performances by Megan Jerome and Expanda Fuzz, music by Turkwaz and Demetrios Petsalakis, performance and costumes by Marisa Gallemit, wet plate photography by Christine Fitzgerald, and cinematography by Wassim Nohra.

a National Arts Centre commission
created with residency support from Ottawa Dance Directive
production and post-production support from Debaser, Digital Arts Resource Centre, and Affinity Production Group

a Grimm Pictures production

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