The Soldier and the Braid 2012

16mm film, 16mm projector, Raven portable screen, mirror, looping mechanisms, metal cable, metal scraps
dimensions variable
installed at the Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, and Blink Gallery, Ottawa
Photos Jeremy Mimnagh

A 16mm film projector sits on the floor and projects the image of a poem onto a mirror, which reflects that image onto a portable screen. The film runs though the projector and criss-crosses the room in a random pattern, creating a loop. A still image is being projected through a medium that is all about action and movement, while the usual containment of 16mm film footage (normally wound onto a spool that includes a beginning, middle, and end) is let loose and allowed to move through the room continuously. Next door, in an identical room, two metal objects lie close to each other: an unwound cable and a fire of sticks.