untitled(spill) 2009/2012

series of continuous loops with sound
dimensions variable
Installed at the Carleton Immersive Media Studio, Ottawa

untitled(spill) consists of a series of large square projection screens that lean against the walls and contain looped image sequences. While each screen is square, the projected image maintains a 4:3 ratio, causing a portion of the image to spill off the screen onto the wall. The projected figures must overcome this uncomfortable shift — one part of the image appears angled on the screen, while the other stretches flat on the wall. Between these two parts there is a gap. This physical gap, experienced by the viewer inside the installation, can also be felt in the movement of the bodies in the footage, because these images sit somewhere between abstraction and figuration. The filmed bodies are being pulled in two different directions, often mutating into barely identifiable figures of movement and light. Grounded by the physical gap, which is a place neither here nor there, this work speaks to concerns around the spill of self that occurs during a moment of indecision.