s(he) 2011

fur coat, chair, banister legs, glass balls, balloons, ball bearings
2 ft x 2 ft x 6 ft
Installed at AxeNeo7, Gatineau
Photos Jeremy Mimnagh

s(he)has lost a leg and should have toppled over a long time ago, yet there it stands, stable but precariously so, presenting a stance that, however fragile, is also authoritative, confident, haughty, and maybe a bit protective. It is also grossly exposed. One could say s(he) is not wearing any pants, revealing a droopy scrotum/uterus like sack, round and reflective breast/ball like orbs, and a double bellybutton that implies some kind of dual birth. From afar, these genital looking objects combine to look like a face, while the nose on the head, inside the upturned collar, droops like a penis.