stillmovingstillmovingstillmovingstill 2010

HD video and sound installation
continuous loop 3 min
dimensions variable

Installed across from SAW Gallery at Nuit Blanche, Ottawa and at Cinema Imperial for Cinedans, Montreal
Photos Justin Wonnacott and Mark Shaub

A child’s colourful spinning top is shot from above. Without external assistance, the toy begins to spin until it is moving so fast its patterns blend into hypnotizing swaths of colour. The toy slows down and stops, only to begin its mesmerizing spin again. stillmovingstillmovingstillmovingstill is a melancholic nod to the loss that is inherent in any cycle of change that contains re-articulation. As the title implies, at the centre of the piece is the longing to be still and moving at the same time. How long do I have to repeat the title’s descriptive words before their meanings reverse and combine?