The Boxer 1997/2009

with Bill Coleman

SD video with stereo sound
continuous loop 3 min 32 sec
multi-channel installation

Installed at Gallery 115 (Ottawa, 2009), PAVED Arts (Saskatoon, 2015), and Gallery 101 (Ottawa, 2017)
Photo Sylvia Pecota and David Barbour

Installed in a storage room filled with archaic objects, The Boxer is based on a performance by dancer/choreographer Bill Coleman that shows a man training inside a boxing ring. The 16mm black and white film sequence is repeated on a series of old television monitors that sit on used metal shelves. Old boxes, stacks of papers, notebooks, and unidentified objects all give the impression of a hidden place where struggle and failure can be performed repeatedly without judgment. The sounds and images on the monitors overlap in an unsynchronized cacophony that is strangely melodic.