A VERY DANGEROUS PASTIME - a devastatingly simply dance guide 2000

14 min 20 sec

Paris, 1913. Crowds riot in the streets after the premiere of Vaslav Nijinsky's Rite of Spring – yet another tragic example of the anger and frustration that comes from not understanding dance. Now, after nearly a century of confusion, it need never happen again. A VERY DANGEROUS PASTIME, a devastatingly simple dance guide, is here to dispel the myth that dance is beyond the comprehension of the layperson. This witty and textured collage of dancefilm, vintage footage, and interviews with well-known Canadian actors, athletes, and musicians, demystifies and enhances the personal viewing experience, proving that dance need no longer be ...A VERY DANGEROUS PASTIME.

Best of the Festival, Dance on Camera New York
Special Jury mention for humour and innovation, IMZ dance screen
Nominated for 2 Gemini Awards