Heartland 1997

Super 8, 8mm, 16mm, colour and B&W
27 min

“I never met a guy who was a dancer,” says Bill Coleman’s friend Curtis. “I knew women who were, and I knew strippers who danced, that sort of thing. But again, a regular guy who dances, that was a new one on me. And Bill is a pretty regular guy.”
But the reviewer for The Scotsman seems to think Coleman’s work is “an anarchic assault on my bourgeois conception of culture.”
Filmmaker Laura Taler was drawn to this mysterious, paradoxical figure about whom no two people can agree. Is he a regular guy? Or . . . something else? Accompany Taler in her quest for the elusive, unpredictable Coleman.

Cinedance Award, Moving Pictures 
Best Experimental Short Documentary, Hot Docs!